My research currently belongs to Nanophotonic Engineering but am currently trying to get my radio license. I am fascinated by the interplay between light and radio waves. Both fields offer unique opportunities for exploration and innovation. With my dual background in nanophotonics and radio engineering, I hope to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies that can revolutionize the way we communicate and interact with the world.

Photonic Bandgap; Photonic Cyrstals; Woodpile Based Photonics

I am currently interested in the field of photonic bandgap engineering. A recent paper I co-authored explores the modification of photonic band structures and dispersion control in the development of functional photonic devices. The study involved fabricating composites of photonic crystal templates with high-refractive-index material using a two-step process. By depositing MoS2 films onto 3D polymeric woodpile templates, we observed red-shifts in partial bandgaps in the near-infrared region. Each 1 nm increase in the thickness of the deposited MoS2 thin film resulted in a measured red-shift of approximately 10 nm in the fundamental and high-order bandgaps. These findings provide insights into utilizing conformally coated polymeric templates for enhancing the nonlinear optical responses of materials, offering potential applications in 3D all-optical switching for efficient memory devices.


  • [DOI] Conformal CVD-grown MoS2 on Three-dimensional Woodpile Photonic Crystals for Photonic Bandgap Engineering, Taverne, M., Zheng, X., Chen, Y-S. J., Morgan, K. A., Chen, L., Meethale Palakkool, N., Rezaie, D., Awachi, H., Rarity, J. G., Hewak, D. W., Huang, C-C. & Ho, Y-L. D., 25 Apr 2023, (Accepted/In press) In: ACS Applied Optical Materials.

Overview (left) and apparatus (right) used

Wave Bandgap at different coating thicknesses and reflectivity at 0˚ and 40˚

Wave bandgap at angles and thicknesses and, cross section of coatings

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